Rocky River Band Backers... enhancing the curricular and extra-curricular education of instrumental music students grades 5-12

What do the Rocky River Band Backers do??
In the last two years, we have:
  • Organized parent volunteers for all aspects of the RR Instrumental Music Program
  • Provided new PA system for HS band
  • Sponsored Kensington Beginning Band Night
  • Provided drinks for 3rd quarter snacks for Marching Band
  • Provided dinner for Marching Band after the Front-Yard Pep Rally
  • Purchased new sheet music for the instrumental music program
  • Provided donuts and cider at the Marching Band Concert
  • Paid for contest fees and enrichment materials for RR instrumental music students grades 5-12
  • Purchased music binders for the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band
  • Sponsored student recognition awards
  • Paid for middle school Jazz band uniform cleaning and repair