Summer Reimbursement Program


The Rocky River Music Backers are excited to announce our summer music reimbursement program for current 5th to 11th graders--this year expanded to include both vocal and instrumental students in our district! To be eligible to receive this reimbursement funding, you must (1) be a current participant in the Rocky River instrumental or vocal music program, and (2) be a participant in the Rocky River instrumental or vocal music program next year as a 6th through 12th grader. Your band or choir director will verify your participation eligibility.


There are many wonderful summer music opportunities available for students in our area, and participating in one is an excellent way to expand your music education and bring what you’ve learned back to our school’s music programs. Camps range from $100-$300 for local camps, to over $2000 for sleep-away camps. The Music Backers will reimburse you $100-$200 per student, to help cover the cost of a summer music camp or organized music performance opportunity.


Please note: Once reimbursement program applications have closed, and we know how many student applicants there are, we will know the exact amount available per student. The reimbursement amount will not exceed the amount paid for the camp. For example, if your camp costs $100, we would reimburse you only $100. If your camp costs $500, we would reimburse $100-$200, depending on the number of applicants.


If you are interested in participating in the reimbursement program for a summer music camp or organized music performance opportunity, please complete the online application form to the best of your ability by May 15th. If you do not know the exact amount of the camp, you can provide an estimate. Reimbursement program applications officially open April 15th. You will be notified of your reimbursement award amount by June 1st. After you attend the summer music program, you must complete a final scholarship survey, providing feedback about the camp, and providing proof of payment and participation. Reimbursement will be made after receipt of the final program survey in the Fall. 


Questions about this program? Please email or


We have compiled a list of some of the area summer music camps. You may choose a camp off of this list, but you may also apply for the reimbursement program to participate in another formal instrumental music camp or organized music performance opportunity that is not listed below. If you have questions about your prospective summer music program’s eligibility, please email or


Summer Music Opportunities



      The Music Settlement

      Otterbein University

      Beck Center

      University of Akron




      Blue Lake

      Capital University

      Summer Symposium @ Ball State

      Westlake HS (Flyer located here)